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The Data250 database is a digital geographic model of the territory of the Czech Republic (CR) which corresponds to accuracy and degree of generalization to a map scale of 1 : 250 000. Data250 is compiled for the complete territory of the Czech Republic and was derived by generalization of former Data200 database in 2023.

Current edition of Data250 includes approximately 50 types of objects. The database is organised in eight thematic layers –administrative boundaries, hydrography, transportation, settlements, geographic names, various objects, vegetation, surface and altimetry. The altimetry layer was completed by shaded terrain.

This database will serve as a source for production of cartographic outputs of corresponding scale and for update of the thematic superstructures at the Land Survey Office.

Data250 file dataset is provided by ATOM download services, free of charge under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 licens.

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