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INSPIRE coordinate grid Grid_ETRS89-GRS80

Product information
NameINSPIRE coordinate grid Grid_ETRS89-GRS80
Commercial codeCommercial code is not defined
Export unitcountry
Unit priceNo charges
Export formatsDGN, DXF
Coordinate systemsETRS89
Product descriptionCoordinate grid constructed in projection ETRS89-GRS80, which divides displayed area into bands defined by meridians of the GRS80 ellipsoid, more precisely into zones defined by parallels of the GRS80 ellipsoid. The coordinate grid ETRS89-GRS80 is created as European standard for interoperability of data with geodetic coordinates (especially orthoimages and elevation data).
Update cycle - update state
Conditions applying to access and useNo charges
Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 License
According to Regulation No 31/1995 Sb.
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